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What to visit in Moscow: the most popular attractions

Have you ever been to the capital and are planning to visit it in the near future? Probably the most important question that arises before you: "What to visit in Moscow?" After all, I really want to get from the trip only the most pleasant memories.

In fact, there are a lot of beautiful places in Moscow . A huge number of different museums, visiting which you can learn a lot about the city and the country. A wide choice of restaurants and cafes, where you can taste delicious dishes of various cuisines. Also in this city there are a lot of entertaining establishments, from which each will pick up for itself something to taste.

But back to the question: "What is worth visiting in Moscow?" There are places in this city that you need to visit at least once. Let me tell you about them.


On its territory are several museums, magnificent architectural buildings, the greatest temples and palaces. Be sure to visit the Diamond Fund and the Armory and admire the richest collection collected in them. Also you can see the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, which is one of the main sights of the capital.

You can get to the Kremlin by going out of the metro station "Okhotny Ryad" or "Revolution Square".


When planning that you can visit in Moscow, be sure to include this historic museum-reserve in the list. This is just a great place, in which many monuments of architecture are collected. In the period from the 14th to the 17th century, this territory was the summer residence of royalty.

Magnificent wooden buildings, palaces and temples, as well as a beautiful apple orchard, occupying a huge area. Going out of the royal courtyard to the temple of the Ascension of the Lord, you seem to fall into another world full of mysteries and mysteries, and the bells ringing, merging into an extraordinary beautiful melody, fills everything around with magic. This wonderful place is located near the metro station "Kolomenskoye".

Gorky Park

If you think that to visit in Moscow to have a good time with the whole family, this park is for you an ideal place. There are a lot of different attractions for both children and adults, beautiful green alleys, a stage on which artists often perform, as well as the Golitsynsky Pond, where you can go boating. In winter, the whole territory of the park turns into a skating rink. You can get to this place by going out from the metro station at the Park Kultury or Oktyabrskaya station.


What to visit in Moscow to get rid of all the problems? There is such a place. It is a museum-preserve in Tsaritsyno, in which impressive works of architecture of the Catherine's epoch are collected.

Here you can simply walk along the beautiful alleys or feed the squirrel directly from the palm (they are completely tame), or you can look at the most beautiful buildings. By the way, in 2006 the "Bread House" was opened for visits, in which you can admire the greatest works of artists and sculptors of the 20th century. The nearest metro station to the museum is Tsaritsyno.


Concluding the story about what to visit in Moscow, I can not pass by the All-Russian Exhibition Center, which is located next to the metro station "VDNKh". This center occupies a huge territory, on which there are many pavilions. It constantly hosts various exhibitions and business events.

Many here and monuments of architecture, and beautiful fountains. But for me the most important is the monument to the Conquerors of Space, made in the form of a rocket on which Gagarin flew into space.

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