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Russian melodrama "The crisis of tender age." Actors, tender age of heroines

A new youth series titled "The crisis of tender age" - these are the stories of 17-year-old girls, the best girlfriends who enter adulthood. These first steps are not always easy and successful, each of the heroines has its own problems, which seem to be the biggest and most serious at that time. Next to famous eminent actors in the film, young novice actors are shot, "tender age" that they themselves have survived quite recently.

Briefly about the plot

In the center of this youth comedic-melodramatic series were three friends, who will soon turn 18 years old. A little bit more and Anya, Shura and Julia will be of age, they are still ahead: family, children, home, career and real adult life. In the meantime, they have a trial and error time, a search period. Girls try themselves in new occupations, take a difficult choice of the future profession, fall in love, part ways, learn to answer for their words and deeds. And sometimes they throw themselves, without hesitation, into the most desperate and unchildish adventures. Each of the heroines has its own life, its problems and everyday worries. The plot of the series clearly shows how modern young people live, what they live, and what they face every day. Actors "tender age" portray a good idea, trying to feel the mood and emotions of their characters.

Alexander or Sasha, Shura, as her friends often call her, fell in love with her teacher, who, of course, is older than her. Another problem Sasha Yermakova, she can not establish relations with her own mother, because she has not seen her for 16 years. Now she's back, and how to live? Sasha better get together with Kozyabin, his friend, than he is in a family that is alien to her.

Yulia Kuzmina also has problems in her personal life. She has a guy with whom she lives, but he constantly changes it. The girl tries to stop these difficult relationships and find someone else. That's just to make it not so easy.

It would seem that the third friend - Ani Silkina, life was a success, if not for her frequent changes of mood, wind in her head and delusions. She is looking for herself, changing her lessons, hobbies and constantly freak. It's good that all her inventions have enough money from her father-producer.

"The crisis of tender age." Actors and roles

Acquainted with the heroines of the series "The crisis of tender age," young spectators can recognize themselves in them. The main roles in the film were played by such young actresses as Maria Poizhaeva, Ksenia Surkova and Kristina Isaykina. She plays Shura, who studies as a veterinarian and is in love with her teacher. Her heroine is a sweet girl who constantly hovers in the clouds, sticks in different stories and often lies vainly to shield herself. Actress Maria Poizhayeva is older than her character for ten years. She already had famous film works, so she has an acting experience. Older than their characters and some other actors. They can have a tender age, but they have not forgotten it yet.

As for Ani Silkina, girls from a wealthy family, then she is played by Ksenia Surkova, a young (she is only 27 years old), but already quite a well-known actress. In contrast to the heroine Poizhaeva, romantic nature, the character Surkova - a pragmatic person with sober calculation. One trouble, can not understand yourself. The good is the opportunity to try a lot.

Julia plays the youngest of the three actresses, Christina Isaykina recently turned 20 years old. She is the closest thing to her heroine by age. And her heroine is explosive, eccentric, but quickly quick-witted. Despite her young age, she is already well acquainted with men, at least one, a womanizer-policeman, whom she can not part with, although she tries.

Other characters and actors

"Gentle age" - a series in which young heroes are young novice actors.

Among the male characters, a special place is taken by Lesha Kozyabin, Shura's friend. A young man of draft age, although he does not want to join the army. He stutters, but this did not stop him from becoming a real friend of Sasha. The role of Lyosha was performed by Alexander Grashin, this is his first role. And, apparently, he succeeded. All the girls are delighted with the other male character - Sasha Antipov. He saxophonist, romantic, but very principled guy. Playing Antipova 23-year-old Nikita Volkov. His screen hero is older than the actor for five years. I wonder how the actors of the series "Gentle age" were selected?

Famous actors who played in the series

In this youthful picture played well-known, even famous actors. Perhaps they do not have much screen time in the film, but their participation sets the tone to the show.

So, in the role of Ani Silkina's parents, viewers will see Maxim Vitorgan and Alisa Grebenshchikov. Olga Tumaykina, Natalia Iohvidova, Evgeny Tsyganov, Alexandra Rebenok - all familiar faces on other projects. The cast is quite large for the series "Tender Age". Actors and roles are not all mentioned here. But we tried to tell about the main ones.

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