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Donald Sutherland (Donald Sutherland) - filmography, personal life

Donald Sutherland is one of the most famous Canadians in the United States. Hollywood actor is revered in his homeland in Canada. Filmography Sutherland for half a century of acting career has more than 80 films. He continues to appear, delighting fans of his talent with active creative longevity. The legendary actor at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver was among the 8 people who were entrusted with the honorable mission to take out the Olympic flag of the host country of the Games.

Childhood future actor

July 17, 1935, Donald McNicol Sutherland was born in the Canadian city of St. John of New Brunswick. His parents were Scots in origin with German and English genes in the pedigree. Father - Frederick Makliya worked in a local energy company, and his mother - Dorothy Isabel was a housewife. At age 14, Donald joined the entertainment industry - he worked as a radio announcer, receiving $ 0.30 per hour. Already in his teens, the future actor of Hollywood, Donald Sutherland, learned the basics of mastery. His biography includes a difficult choice, which was to be done at the end of the school. The young man could not decide in which university to enter: theatrical or technical.

Mastering the basics of acting in the student years

Donald enrolled at the University of Toronto, where he took part in the plays of an amateur theater group and was preparing to do engineering work after graduation. After reading in the city newspaper enthusiastic reviews of his game, Sutherland decided not to instill talent into the ground. In 1956, Sutherland went to England, where he entered the London Academy of Performing Arts. Simultaneously with his studies, he played on the stages of provincial theaters and was shot on television. After graduating from the theater academy, Donald Sutherland received invitations from the directors only for episodic roles.

First roles

In the initial period of creativity, which lasted from 1964 to 1970, Sutherland had to play defective and sinister characters in horror films. The directors paid attention not to the dramatic talent of the actor, but to his unusual appearance and height (194 cm). The young man had an original face and a special timbre of voice. When Sutherland arrived in Hollywood in the mid-1960s, he tried to avoid the British accent. In the films "The Castle of the Living Dead" and "The House of Horrors of the Doctor of Terror" (1965), the actor performed his first notable films. He worked with full dedication, investing talent and his sense of humor. Son, who was born in 1966, Donald Sazarland named Kiefer in honor of the script writer of the film "The Castle of the Living Dead" by Warren Kiefer. Soon the actor began to star in leading roles. They left "Oedipus King", "Johanna", "Kelly's Heroes" and his other films.

Comedy "MESh."

A real glory Sutherland brought the film "MES" ("Military Field Hospital", 1970). He played the role of sergeant Hakki Pierce in this sensational "black" comedy by Robert Altman, who debunked the ideal of "brave soldier" in the mass consciousness. The highlight of the tape were sketches and witty dialogues of three friends-surgeons. The director's plan and his embodiment on the screen allowed Sutherland to fully demonstrate his talent for improvisation. Critics and spectators noted the remarkable ability of the young actor to reveal several layers of the character's character. In 1971, the actor was nominated for the best male role in the comedy for the Golden Globe Award.

Sutherland's acting

The artist appeared on the screens in the psychological thriller "Clute" in 1971. The film of Alan Pakula is devoted to the story of the detective, who went to New York in search of a missing friend. In the title role starred Donald Sutherland.

Filmography of the 1970s is distinguished by the heavy workload of the actor in the filming. But he paid maximum attention to each of his roles. The detective in the performance of Sutherland caused sympathy among the audience with his loneliness and uneasiness. Unexpectedly, the law and order guard fell in love with the "girl on call." In this role, the incomparable Jane Fonda. A talented duo of actors gave the film features a deep psychological drama.

Sutherland 1970 brought nominations for several prestigious cinematographic awards (British Academy in 1974 and "Saturn" in 1979).

The diverse talent of the actor

Anti-war film "FTA" actor produced, was among the authors of the script tape, released in 1972. The directors saw the dramatic talent of Sutherland, offered him the roles that allow him to explore the inner world of man. He played a madman with a split personality, in the thriller Nicholas Roug "Now do not look" (1973). Together with Julie Christie, the actor starred in a frank love scene. Since that time, the Canadian actor has gained the glory of a sex symbol. A new status was consolidated thanks to the films of the following years, in which Donald Sutherland appeared (photo). A year of work in Italy enriched the actor's experience with filming in 4 scenes and collaborating with outstanding directors Federico Fellini and Bernardo Bertolucci. The roles in Italian tapes were positively appreciated by film critics, noting with what ease the actor Donald Sutherland changes his role. In the tape of Bertolucci "The Twentieth Century" Sutherland was offered the role of fascist Attila, full of psychology and philosophical meaning. Raising cruelty in the rank of theory, the character of Sutherland becomes the symbol of the "brown plague" that flooded the world in the XX century. In the film "Casanova Fellini" the world-wide legendary historical personality tries to throw off the mask of the indefatigable lover and to appear in its true guise - a man keen on science and art.

Donald Sutherland: filmography of the last decades of the XX century

For 20 years until the end of the millennium, the actor equally selflessly showed his talent in diverse roles. In the drama of Robert Redford "Ordinary People" he created the image of Calvin Jarrett. The history of his father, helping to cope with the heavy loss of his wife and son, won the Academy Award in 1981.

The actor in 1982 received an honorable prize at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival for his work in the Canadian fantasy film "The Threshold". Sutherland worked with Al Pacino in the film "Revolution", with Marlon Brando in the drama "Dry White Season". In the film "John F. Kennedy: Shots in Dallas" (1991), he appeared in the role of officer X, providing information about politicians in the environment of President Kennedy. Other films with Donald Sutherland of this period:

  • "The Fiery Whirlwind" (1991).
  • The Shadow of the Wolf (1992).
  • "Exposure" (1994).
  • "Puppeteers" (1994).
  • "The Epidemic" (1995).
  • "The Shadow Conspiracy" (1996).
  • "Virus" (1999).

A new turn in the acting career of Sutherland

In the twenty-first millennium, the career of the actor began a new round of popularity. He starred with Hollywood's other "aces" Clint Eastwood and Tommy Lee Jones in the film "Space Cowboys" (2000). A notable event in the career of Sutherland was the second prize "Golden Globe" in 2002 (the first he received in 1995). He played the role of fathers in the melodrama "Cold Mountain" with Nicole Kidman and "Italian Robbery" with Charlize Theron. Both tapes were released in 2003. The legendary actor created a vivid and memorable image in the 2006 film The Country of the Blind. Significant works by Donald Sutherland from the 2000 filmography include the bands "Eagle of the Ninth Legion" (2011), "Hunger Games" (2012) and many other pictures. In the sequel to the "Hunger Games: And the Flame Will Break" directed by Francis Lawrence Sutherland starred in the role of President Coriolanus Snow. The film won the MTV award in the nomination "Best Film" (2014). Donald Sutherland was nominated for the award of the leading music channel as "the best villain". The actor intends to withdraw in the continuation of the "Hunger Games" (2014, 2015).

Personal life

Sutherland is a very popular actor and plays a lot in high-budget films. Almost all his life goes on the set. Donald was still married to actress Lewis Hardwick, whom he met at university. This marriage lasted 7 years. Then the actor met the daughter of a major Canadian politician Tommy Douglas - Shirley. She gave birth to Donald Twins, Rachel and Kiefer, who later became an actor. Donald Sutherland and Kiefer Sutherland - one of the most famous actor's dynasties in Hollywood.

Donald Sutherland had an affair with Jane Fonda, which began on the set. They played together in the movie "Clute", participated in the world anti-war tour. Sutherland recalls that the relationship began shortly before filming, and the break with Jane broke his heart. In 1972, he met with the French-Canadian actress Francis Rascett, with whom he married. The legendary actor believes that he was incredibly lucky. "If there is real wealth in life, then these are my five children," Sutherland said.

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