Arab wedding: description, traditions, customs and features

Many of us believe that the Arab wedding is a closed and boring event, since religion does not allow to arrange luxurious feasts. However, this is completely wrong. Of course, obedience to Islam plays almost the most important role in the life of a Muslim. He puts a lot of prohibitions, and every citizen of the UAE considers obedience to the laws of Islam as his duty. With regard to the holding of the wedding ceremony, a number of restrictions are available. But the Arabs celebrate weddings so grandiose that many Europeans would envy. In this article we will tell you about how the wedding is celebrated in the United Arab Emirates.


The decision to marry is traditionally taken by the head of the family - the father. Very often these people are guided not by the idea of a happy family life of their child. For example, if this very head of the family owes someone a large sum, he, without any remorse, can give his beautiful daughter a marriage to the debtor with a view to the subsequent cancellation of the debt. Or, without looking for benefits, give the daughter or son for the first successful passion that came across, just to "flush" them into adulthood.

Women in the UAE live completely apart from men, communicating only with the closest relatives, so it's not strange that the choice of a pair of parents are engaged. Arabs are accustomed to such customs, however tyrannical they may seem to adhere to other religions.

Often Muslims adhere to the old custom, when a girl should not see her future husband before the wedding, let alone talk to him. All that she can count on - by chance to see him from the window, and then no one should talk about it.

How does the bride and groom learn about each other?

All the information that is available to the girl before the wedding is the one she will receive from the relatives of the groom: his mother, sisters or aunts. Sometimes the groom is judged and the impressions that were made in early childhood. Girls and boys under nine years old can play together under Arab laws. Each bride's father considers it his duty to ask the groom about whether he had the opportunity to see her. He, in turn, must say that he did not see the girl, only had the honor of hearing about her.

There is one small "cunning" for the fathers of brides. If the parent does not care about the daughter's opinion and wants to make sure that she marries a certain chosen one of her own free will, he acts as follows: communicating with the mother of the girl and with herself, while at the same time casually stipulating that he wants to arrange a men's evening, lists guests , Referring to the name of the person who got married, and watching the reaction of women. If it is positive - it directly burns to the daughter, who has wooed, and asks her opinion about it. Only when he gets approval, begins preparation for the wedding.

Practice in other cases and the relationship of the groom with the bride before the wedding. First there are women from two families to discuss the upcoming marriage, then men. And after that the groom can talk with his future wife to make a firm decision.

Sometimes the parents arrange an engagement when the children are still very young. They may be less than ten years old when they start talking about marriage.

Pre-wedding preparations

Such an event, like the wedding of an Arab sheik, can have a budget of millions of dollars. Even if the bridegroom is not a sheikh, the average wedding in the UAE costs 80-100 thousand dollars. But this is mainly due to the fact that almost every 13 people in the United Arab Emirates are a millionaire.

So, the engagement was successful. What happens then? Further notify relatives and friends. Do it servants dressed in smart clothes. They go from house to house, present sweets and other dishes and give out invitations to the wedding. All preparations usually take no more than a month, and during this time you have to do a lot.

Days before the wedding

During this period, the bride herself is given many gifts and dowries, which remains strictly her personal property. Not only the groom, but all his family hastens to bestow the future daughter-in-law with the best decorations, outfits or materials for his tailoring.

Unlike European customs, the ring on the ring finger of the bride is not worn by the groom, but by his close relative.

Formally, the marriage is concluded after the signing of the marriage contract, where the bride and the bride are present. Also, there are cases when a girl can be present herself, but with her there must be relatives of a male. After that, the union is considered to be concluded, but in reality everyone recognizes it only after the wedding ceremony.

Arab Wedding Traditions

Preparation for the wedding does not end there. The last week before the celebration, the bride must stay in a secluded little room and be dressed in simple clothes. The Arabs believe that on the day of the wedding, it will look even more beautiful. The groom should not spend the whole week in a dark little room, however, the last three days before the ceremony are obliged to spend houses surrounded only by the closest relatives and friends.

Arab wedding is a grandiose event. The ceremony of marriage traditionally takes place after sunset. Celebrate this event may not be one day. On such wedding days, the families of the bride and groom pursue different goals. So, for example, the groom's family considers it their duty to surprise relatives, friends and other ordinary residents of the UAE with a variety of treats and raznosolov. Tents are exhibited even on the street, where any passer-by can taste the wedding food. The girl's family will "boast" of the decoration of the premises of their house. And this is not accidental, because the ceremony takes place in the house of the bride, and not in the mosque, as some tend to erroneously consider.

How is the wedding celebrated?

And that's not all, what is the Arab wedding. The customs are quite original. Newlyweds can celebrate both together and separately. Often the bride and groom practice the latter option. Accordingly, the bride celebrates with women, and the groom - with men. Even if these two holidays are held in the neighboring rooms - their guests do not completely collide with each other.

Women in their hall can not cover their heads, pleasant music flows from everywhere, dances are going on, food does not end, and all the girls on this day can walk for glory. The most beautiful and elegant among all is the bride. In the middle of the hall stands her throne, which really looks like a royal one.

The celebration of the groom is no less fun. With only one prerequisite - no alcohol. The United Arab Emirates has a dry law, and the Abadites do not even smoke tobacco. But nevertheless, the party is luxurious, and the guests do not deny themselves anything. This is the wedding in Arabic style.

If the celebration of a man and a woman is celebrated separately - at the end of the evening the groom with his father and a witness comes to the women's room. Ladies of his arrival are notified in advance, as they must have time to cover their heads. The festivities continue. At their end, the groom takes the bride to him.

The wedding night and traditions after the wedding

The Arab wedding is played, and here comes the time of the wedding night. Close relatives should present the bride with expensive gifts. Then the newlyweds are escorted to their wedding night.

According to the Qur'an, before entering into an intimate relationship, the newly-made husband and wife are required to perform a series of prayers. This night they can even just talk to get to know each other better.

After the wedding night

In the morning the table is laid, and guests are invited again. The first weeks after the holiday, the spouses hardly show up in public. After the expiration of this term, friends come to visit them to congratulate them once again with the wedding. At this the Arab wedding is over.

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